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the show: sofar

For this project, I designed a live music set for Sofar Sounds. Sofar is a company that produces live shows in major cities worldwide. Their ethos is to bring the magic of live music into accessible, intimate spaces. For my design, I wanted to emulate Sofar’s ethos and respond to the site. I used this project to explore paper folding techniques and see how they could be incorporated in the stage design.


Why Paper? - Paper parallels the transience of live music. Paper is as raw and fragile as a live performance-where artists are very vulnerable. Paper is also minimal and emulates the simplicity of this intimate music experience. Paper allowed me to assess the small space and create scenery as open to interpretation as the music.

A unique aspect of Sofar Sounds is the element of surprise they create for the audience. They do not announce the performers beforehand and there is never a headliner for the show. Sofar Sounds provides a safe space by keeping all artists on common ground. I see folding paper as an activity almost anyone can do which parallels the neutrality Sofar promotes. 


Beyond the textured, paper structures, I wanted to incorporate more ways to engage the audience into the show. The three performers were separated by intermissions. During those pauses, I showed projected animations that offered the audience a choice of activities. This diversion became a tool to help the audience socialize and bond in the intimate music experience.

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