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SPACE: nextdoor

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 5.06.25 PM.png

For this project I was motivated to engage with the West London music scene and design a space for local performers. For the physical design, I decided to work with prints and projections that pertained to a specific concept. The theme I chose was scent and memory. I planned and designed the event at 'Next Door Records' in Shepherds Bush, London.

caleb kunle.jpg

I explored the connection between scent and memory. The prints and animation represented aspects of the olfactory system.

“What is your favorite scent and why?” is one of my favorite questions to ask people.

A person’s response speaks strongly on what memories matter to them.

Along with the physical set, I incorporated aromatherapy to connect scent with the performances. My hope was to tie the scents to my audiences’ memory of the show.

The projections were my way  of visualizing the music I heard, and they moved in-sync with the songs.

My proud mom moment :')

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