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Installation Design


Inspired by contemporary Korean artists, I created this multimedia, installation to reflect an aspect of Korean culture and teach my audience a novel concept. The pods create an immersive experience as people would be able to walk through them. The pods consist of text art, animation, and an illustrated mural.


눈치 // (noon-chee) n.

Subtle art of gauging one's social environment then acting or speaking in accordance with what is perceived; Reading a room; Ability to perceive unsaid rules and notice non-verbal cues.

words on interior.png

One / Text Art / The words provide information on 눈치 and list some questions to engage with

Two / Animations

Reading a Room / interior inspired by Korean contemporary design. short clip of two friends with each other. different postures imply how they feel

눈 (noon) / this means "eye"; Touches upon the important factor of reading eye movement; eyes speak louder than words

inner mural.png

Three / Mural / The piece is titled "What Are You Saying?" as I want the viewers to observe different body gestures and think about what they might communicate.

The clear exterior automatically places the audience as the "observer" so they can become attuned to their surroundings. 'Noon-chi' allows one to comprehend beyond what is not said verbally (vulnerability + transparency like the box).

The Korean culture nurtures this ability to gauge social environments from a young age, as there are many social hierarchies to be met. Like a sixth sense, "눈치" has a lot to do with noticing small body implications and takes strong emotional intelligence. I want people to be able to practice empathy.


The space would ideally be sound proof so the music is only heard once entering the transparent structure. An assortment of simple compositions would be played at a light level. 


Why the music?

Light orchestral music, it reminds me of an elegant party scene (something like the Great Gatsby). It's important to gauge emotions and characteristics at party. It’s a definitive step for establishing comfort zones as some thrive in this energetic environment and others are drained. It’s good to be conscious of both types of energy, thus using “눈치” is helpful.

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